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Pinky,Are you pondering What I'm Pondering?

Inch by inch,Limb from Limb
you. tore. me. apart.
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[29 Aug 2005|03:51pm]
MOVED!(Or moving soon..)

Everyone shall be added when I'm ungrounded.

11 just another guilt slip as we choke on the irony..

[28 Aug 2005|03:16pm]
til next saturday!
e-mail me or something..(ohh_so_horrorshow@yahoo.com)
or leave me abunch of myspace or eljay comments because you love me.
and pity me for being dumb.
I might make a new friends only journal soon.
I'll add you,you add me back.

13 just another guilt slip as we choke on the irony..

[27 Aug 2005|07:58pm]
Am I the only one who realizes
that once you have the thing you want.
you don't really give a shit about that thing you wanted,and it was a waste of your time?
because that's how I fell right now.
Sure,you got what you wanted.
but now it doesn't matter.

we're getting a new washer and dryer.
because ours are shitty and they don't work right.
I'm seriously fucking out of it now.
I need to do my homework if I want my damned Misfits/A7X shirts tomorrow.
which means I will be pulling a semi-allnighter.
listening to Music,and doing my homework.
Not like that hasn't happened before though..
And I need to take pictures,Because I want a new myspace picture.
the one I have I'm not content with.
I feel like I'm trying to be a perfectionist constantly.
And trust me,I'm really not a perfectionist.
Nor can I be one.

I think it's funny how I don't believe in love.
Well,I think I'm off to write a little,and listen to Atreyu.
kids who try too hard piss me off.
same with people who don't use proper grammar and can't spell
I realize how much of a sadist I am too.
Hm,Maybe I should work on that.
and quit being sarcastic?
and cynical?
Will would hit me over the head if I did.
So fuck that.
7 just another guilt slip as we choke on the irony..

[27 Aug 2005|09:42am]
You can't ever get any fucking sleep in this house.
which makes you start thinking.
and when I start thinking,It's not good.
So,I decided to post a cutting rant under and eljay cut,about how stupid it is,because it is.
I mean,It's just like,taking heroin or a sedative or smoking crack or something.

Fuck that.I won't I'll just talk to Katie or Adrienne about it.
14 just another guilt slip as we choke on the irony..

[27 Aug 2005|12:43am]

I photoshopped sooo many pictures.
I'm only posting two or three.and they're not under a cut.
so you and your mom will just have to freaking deal.
Also,I found a super-de-duper-cute-glam picture of tyler.
he's so little kid cute with his long hair.

Starting Image:

We were laughing our asses off,Plus..IT'S CUTE!Plus,It's of the three Amigos,Duhhhhhh♥

Finished Image:

It says "Yeah..we're rad..really."

and there is Glam Tyler striking a pose.Really,I love this kid.I've known him since Kindergarten.♥

8 just another guilt slip as we choke on the irony..

[26 Aug 2005|06:06pm]
I figure Parents are fickle things.
Because Carol and Dave argue like an old married couple,and they're not even married.
today was kinda boring.
and I'm wearing my Trio shirt,which everyone and their fucking mom has.
I might get an A7X shirt tomorrow.And I want a Misfits one.
Yeahhh,I'm deathly afraid of Spiders.
and a spaz.
Today's the 15th? year anniversary of when Danny Rolling killed five college girls here.
Happy Anniversary,You're sentenced to death?
My gatorade isn't very sugary.
and it fizzes.
People need to keep me up on this stuff.
Manatree is playing Southeast?
Katie said they had a pep rally today.
that involved toilet paper.
I want a new backpack,Which means I wanna come down to Bradentonnnnn to get a new one.
Because they have cheap backpacks there.
and they're better too.
but it looks like I'll have to wait awhile,eh?
which I can understand.
but still.
I want to rent A Clockwork Orange,like..bad.
Because I'm reading it again.
and It's the best..ever.
Better yet,I want it.I'm gonna ask my mom for it.

I whine and complain too much.
I think I'll photoshop myself a new icon.
Or..Maybe not,Who knows.

Oh,Importaint Edit.

16 just another guilt slip as we choke on the irony..

[25 Aug 2005|09:13pm]
I miss you guys.
(My posse from Btown.)
'Cause I just went through last years' yearbook.
and I was all "AWWWW!!I MISS THEM!!!!"
'Cause..really.I do.
which means We're having a par-tayyy when I come down.haha.

6 just another guilt slip as we choke on the irony..

[25 Aug 2005|06:39pm]

Holy Shit.
I can finally post the pictures I wanted to.
-happy dance-
They're old ones,But some that are lightened up.
And they're all cute!
So you should...click under this cut..Collapse )

8 just another guilt slip as we choke on the irony..

[24 Aug 2005|05:53pm]
I don't feel like updating but,shit..I guess I will.

Today was boring,I kinda talked with Alexa and Katie,They're nice.Alexa has a badass rainbow belt.
I don't have toooo much homework,Because everything is due friday because we have an Orientation trip tomorrow.
they want the freshman class to "Become closer" and crap,So we're going to Poe Springs for a nice Park day/orientation.
Great fun,eh?
Anyway,Health was fun,as always. haha.
Health is the only fun class.
I mean..I was all -twitch-"fucking spider"
and then Russ and Trey were all "Hah,You're afriad of spidersssss?"
Yes,I am afraid of spiders,It's one of my very few phobias,bitch.
I also found out Russ and trey like Sipknot,which was pretty fucking cool to me,But it's lame that Slipknot's suing Burger King for stealing their "trademark" -rolls eyes-
Anyway,Yeah. that's it.
It's odd,I used to bounce off the walls at school,and now all I constantly want to do is sleep or read or something.(Probibly because there's nobody I know and nobody to hug anymore,and nobody to point something out to me when I do something dumb,and there's no KATIE who is my lover.I miss her more than you.deal.)
I need to rip out my colored pencils and pens soon, I lack the creativity to draw or write anything lately,It really sucks.
Oh well though,I need a camera battery times infinity.
Megan and Kathy are coming down this weekend and staying friday-saturday and leaving sunday.
which is ok,I guess.
16 just another guilt slip as we choke on the irony..

Pointlessness. [23 Aug 2005|07:12pm]
I stood in the rain for fifteen minutes straight,watching the sky and pondering things.

When I first walked out the rain felt like it burned.

I got this out of my little trip in the rain;

Teenage Angst is really a fucking drag,It has no point.

I need to quit being mad at the world for my problems;

I need to quit not saying what I think;

I need to stop giving people half answers,Or answers that are just questions;

I need to be more friendly;

I need to tell people to go fuck themselves and not feel bad about it every once in awhile;

I need to quit the whole fucking Teenage Angst scene,It's starting to bore me;

I need to play in the rain more often;

I need a fucking sedative;

I need to quit feeling so god damn guilty;

I need to quit thinking it's all my fault;and it will always be my fault;

I don't need your sympathy,and plastic smiles ;

I don't want your hardcore aditude;

You're not better than me,and i'm not better than you,get over it;

I need to quit being guilt tripped;

I need to be a drunks' best friend;

I need you to fuck off;

I need to be alone more;

I need to be around people who actually give a shit;

the end,before I get ahed of myself.
14 just another guilt slip as we choke on the irony..

[23 Aug 2005|03:43pm]
Too much homeowrk..
like,wayyyyy too much
-English rough Draft(200-500 words.)
and that's alooot for me.

Who fucking finished their rough draft!
Hell yes that would be meee!
12 just another guilt slip as we choke on the irony..

[22 Aug 2005|06:05pm]
18 just another guilt slip as we choke on the irony..

[22 Aug 2005|03:36pm]
Hah,Here's my huuuugeeee post for Adrienne.

First Period-English I honors,kinda boring but eh.. Ya know,I got my sillibus and shit,And the teacher's really,really nice.and she's young.

Second Period-MY SPANISH TEACHER IS FUCKING CRAZY!Really,she is.She speaks crazy spanish and she's hard to understand.She kinda reminds me of a squirrel on crack.-shrug- Gotta love Spanish teachers.Andrea was in there with me,Which was cool.She's nice.

Break-I walked around and looked at all the art/photography areas.and went to my locker.

Third period-Study hall.Fabi was in there with me,but we can't talk.So it was just basiclly me reading The Bell Jar and falling half asleep.

Fourth Period.BIOLOGY! So I walk in,AND THERE'S A DEAD IGUANA ON THE FUCKING DESK!!!So I sit down at the one behind it,Because I wasnt sure if we were allowed to sit there or not.then some chick walks in and gets grossed out,So I move up to the dead,frozen iguana seat.So..Me being me,I poke it.(Duhhh.)Doors kid is in there with me,Apparently his name is Chandler.
I love the Teacher though,He's sarcastic.

Fifth period-Lunch/Health.Hung out with Fabi,Andrea,Francesca and some other girl.Health was interesting,I sit next to 'J-Baby' and Russ,and they're fun.Me and Russ agreed that 'funner' was too a word.Health is okay,I suppose. It's mildly entertaining because Me and Russ don't know our adresses.and we're both like "SHITFUCKDAMN"

Sixth Period-American Gov.The lady's fun.She teaches Psycology too.She's sarcastic too,And she picks on everyone(She reminds me of Lane and Claire mixed together.Hah.)Doors kid sits behind me,Fabi and Andrea are in that class too.

Seventh Period-Math,The teacher is too happy,I sit with two blonde girls.I don't know anybody.

8 just another guilt slip as we choke on the irony..

[22 Aug 2005|07:10am]

first and foremost..


Second off,It's the first day of school.

and that's really lame.



and It's too damn early too.But I'm awake,And I want a fucking poptart.

Oh,Edit::Why do random people keep adding me on myspace,It's not like they know me..and they're friends whoring. LAME.
8 just another guilt slip as we choke on the irony..

[21 Aug 2005|05:57pm]
Backpack shopping sucks,Really.. it does.
we end up getting
-new celphones from cingular
-new gray converse for me
-and stopping by fye to buy a FFTL cd
-and stopping by pacific sunwear and getting a backpack I don't relatively want but that's better than the other ones they had everywhere else.
and getting celphones takes foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
really,It does.
But I have a pretty ringtone(Atreyu's Ain't love Grand),So I don't mind.
Anyway,I have to get up at 6:30 tomorrow for school.
which sucks,And that means I should call Katie and say "WAKE THE HELL UP OR I'LL POKE YOU IN THE FUCKING EYE OR RAPE YOU!"

gotta go before my mom spazzes.
18 just another guilt slip as we choke on the irony..

[21 Aug 2005|12:05am]

even though it won't show up big on my lj...



2 just another guilt slip as we choke on the irony..

[20 Aug 2005|02:55pm]
Everyone should love Katie Because she's simply Amazing.and she OWNS you all.
and my brother should e-mail me back,like..soon.
I'm getting new cds today,Yay.
the sad thing is is that I'm to the end of my big big cd case,So I should put my favorites in another.
Oh,and thank you to Kirsten for fixing my links.

Edit::Remind me to NEVER go school shopping with my mom ever again,All it gets me is hit in the head with posterboard,which hurts like hell.
and remind me NOT to ignore her when she's talking to be,Because it results in her singing opera,While I'm trying to listen to AFI.

My camera is out of batteries..fuck.Damn twelve dollar batteries.

Circuit City didn't have the From First to Last I wanted,which sucked and means I have to go to FYE to get it.
Or order it online.

and,Yeah.I'm done.
20 just another guilt slip as we choke on the irony..

[19 Aug 2005|05:22pm]

My last post was deleted,deal with it.you get pictures insted.

Edit::I redid my layout,it's gray and white and pretty.Plain,But pretty,I did my myspace the same way.

Look how pale I am compared to him. That's sad,But I love it.


under the cut.Collapse )

10 just another guilt slip as we choke on the irony..

[19 Aug 2005|08:01am]
I had a weird dream last night.
like,weirder than usual.
one that I could only talk to Adrienne about.
or Will.
Because we're dumb like that.
It's 8:02.
Keeley's up earrrrrrrrrrrrrlyyyyy
but Monday I have to get up at like..six thirty.
which really fucking sucks.
which means I need mass amounts of death metal to wake up.(Minus Katie poking me in the eye,Or raping me,Or Adrienne or Cheyney raping me.)
because that's really the only thing that'll get me up.
So here I sit..
at my computer.
in my 'Stones shirt and beanie.
and my eyes are getting heavy.
Keeley needs some fucking coffee.

My teachers seem cool,I suppose. My english teacher is really nice,and My American Government teacher is really sarcastic.and My biology teacher is science-y-ish,Which is ok.
But books cost my mom an arm and a leg.(Like..four hundred seventy dollars-ish? Hah..I got alot of used ones,So it would have been more.Wow..My family is all 40% off sale poor chic.)
Anyway,We can carry backpacks.
So that means I get to start putting patches on my backpack again.
and I have talent. Because I finished my math pack while listening to Avenged Sevenfold at the same time.
8 just another guilt slip as we choke on the irony..

[18 Aug 2005|09:46pm]
Sooo,I got my hair dyed.
It's "Dark Brown"
but it looks blue-black.
Note to self:When I'm oldER,Colorjob..blue black..asap.
there was a hair lady in there who reminded me of Adrienne and Lindsay.
Once again,I fucking win forever.Collapse )
as we choke on the irony..

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